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Why Tutoring is Important

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

It’s widely known that tutoring can be hugely beneficial for students of all ages across a wide range of subjects. From literacy and numeracy to test preparation and essay-writing skills, tutoring can help develop the competencies that students need to thrive at school, college, and beyond.

LearningClubs specialist tutors focus on your child's assessed needs. Students learn best when their individual academic needs are met. Our tutors are expert teachers. We know teachers work tirelessly to provide the best possible education for students, but the modern school system often causes some students to fall behind.

In contrast, LearningClubs specialist tutors focus on your child's assessed needs. They provide a comfortable learning environment where your child feels safe to ask their question and receive immediate answers. With this validation, students build confidence and build academic skills.

We create an environment where your child feels safe to ask questions and receive immediate answers.

Large classrooms make it easy to overlook struggling students or miss the signs that a skilled student is underperforming due to a lack of challenging material. Pressure to prepare students for tests and constant assessments, plus an "information-heavy curriculum, puts added pressure on teachers.

LearningClubs focus on the individual needs of your child and they set the pace of their learning. Our tutors are respectful of students, providing each space to express themselves and experience success on their terms.

Tutors provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment for learning.

No two students learn in the same way. Some thrive in busy classrooms, while others find classrooms distracting and stressful. Some students need help mastering introductory coursework, while others crave more challenging material.

LearningClubs' specialist tutors provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment for learning, where students can make mistakes without fear of censure or peer responses and move forward in their education.

LearningClubs' tutors help students master key concepts and build self-confidence.

Like good detectives, we investigate your child's skills, looking for skill strengths and weaknesses and listening to their story about school. We report the results to you and will create a bespoke learning program appropriate to their skill targets and learning styles. Uncovering when their school challenges began provides us with critical information and what support is needed to get your child onto the road of self-confidence and skill mastery. We support all students, including gifted students. Learning Clubs use various strategies to enhance their learning experience as every child learns differently.

LearningClubs online tuition

  • Provides Targeted Instruction

  • Provides a Safe Environment for Learning

  • Addresses Special Education needs such as Increasing Focus and Dyslexia

  • Boosts Students Confidence

  • Reduces Anxiety associated with Learning and School

  • Reduces Learning Loss during holidays

  • Teaches Lifelong Learning Skills

  • Develops Time Management & Study Skills

Contact us for a free educational consultation and sort out your child's learning priorities for this school year.

October Courses:

The number one contributor to academic stress in Secondary School Students is exam anxiety due to poor study habits. The lack of time management and organisational skills are some of the culprits.

Empower your child with the following courses:

Our classes include learning opportunities to stimulate students' curiosity, motivation and enjoyment.

Our focus is always on building student confidence and teaching mindfulness.

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