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"I use breaths when my teacher is annoyed."
Year 2 student unleashes her SuperPowers when her teacher gets annoyed at her. She practises breath techniques learnt at LearningClubs.

Before testing, I was asked many questions about my son's development and learning. I felt like I had been listened to. The testing provided me with specific information that I understood.


Amazingly, he looks forward to his class each week! His improvement is already visible because the learning is tailored perfectly to his needs.


I would recommend LearningClubs to anyone who wants their child to be a happy learner,

Teaching literacy to students means that they are given the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and form the foundation of modern life.


Students that can’t read effectively fail to grasp important concepts, score poorly on tests and ultimately, fail to meet educational milestones.


Literacy skills allow students to seek out information, explore subjects in-depth and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

Lessons include:

  • Confidence building

  • An individualized programme that is interactive and fun

  • Progress monitored lesson by lesson

  • Learning strategies adapted to discover the most successful method for your child

  • The student sets the pace of tuition

Test & Interview Cost: - £110 per subject

The resulting information provides the tutor with essential direction

when choosing the child's starting point.


Lesson Cost: 

£39/lesson (1 to 1) 30-minutes 
£78/lesson (1 to 1) 60-minutes

+ Resources £124.44/year or prorated at the time the programme begins*.

This is an annual cost for materials and online programmes for homework. This fee is prorated to the month that the student is registered.

I would like to Register my child now!

Literacy Tuition: Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3

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