I use breaths when my teacher is annoyed.

Year 2 student unleashes her SuperPowers when her teacher gets annoyed at her. She practises breath techniques learnt at LearningClubs.

Year 1 - 3

Lessons include:

  • Confidence building

  • Individualized programme that is interactive and fun

  • Progress monitored lesson by lesson

  • Learning strategies adapted to discover the most successful method for your child

  • The student sets the pace of tuition

Before testing, I was asked many questions about my son's development and learning. I felt like I had been listened to. The testing provided me with specific information that I understood.

Amazingly, he looks forward to his class each week! His improvement is already visible because the learning is tailored perfectly to his needs.

I would recommend LearningClubs to anyone who wants their child to be a happy learner,

Test & Interview Cost: - £110 per subject

The resulting information provides the tutor with essential direction

when choosing the child's starting point.


Lesson Cost: 

£38/lesson (1 to 1) 30-minutes 
£76/lesson (1 to 1) 60-minutes

+ Resources £45/year or prorated at the time the programme begins.

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