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Course Tutor: Monica

Study & Exam Skills, Revision Techniques Years 10, GCSE & A-Level

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Revision Techniques: Year 10 to GCSE & A-Level

Study Skills + Exam Revision Techniques = Success

Who is this course for?

This programme is for the motivated student who wants to get better

organised, optimise their performance in examinations, and master wellbeing techniques. 

How to Revise for GCSE's:

1.  Identify and develop your learning style & feel empowered

a) auditory learning techniques

b) visual learning techniques

c) kinesthetic learning techniques

2.  Master mindfulness to navigate stress & increase focus

3.  Organise your time. Organise your notes. Organise your activities

4.  Manage your studying and taking responsibility for your results

5.  GCSE study timetable personalised by you.

6.  Take & summarise class notes based on your learning style

7.  Note-taking from textbooks 

8.  Revise notes & preview next lesson

9.  Interpret & create visual aids

10.  Utilise reference sources

11.  Use graphic organisers & chart

12.  Memory techniques for studying e.g. use of mnemonics

13.  Test / Exams

a) Test Taking Strategies adapted for particular subjects

b) Test Practicing to build speed

c)  Multiple Choice Tests

d)  True/False Test

e)  Direction Words in Essay Tests

f)   Maths Revision Techniques & Maths Exams Tips

g)  Tips for English Exams including Exam Essays 

Course Cost: £575.00*

Less a 10% discount for current or past clients   

Deposit: £50 is required at the time of registration. This will be applied to the course cost and is non-refundable.

Schedule: 25 lessons each 1.5 hours

* GCSE Consolidated Subject study books may be recommended. These will be purchased by the student.

Location: Held in a workshop setting live online

Class size: Maximum of 6 students with a minimum registration for 4 students.

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