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Learn about others surprising career paths

Audio Engineering - A perfect fit for Carla

Career Testing & Mentoring 


Are you struggling to make sense of your future? It can be overwhelming, but I'm here to assist.


Together we'll take the steps necessary to uncover what's preventing success in your career aspirations. Instead of staying stuck with limiting beliefs, let me help transform them into a world full of possibilities! Your personality and strengths will open up endless options and show which paths should probably stay unexplored; now that sounds like exciting progress towards pursuing something amazing!


What is involved?

1) Time and focus

a. Interview & Tests: Approximately 3 hours are needed. To ensure your best focus, this can be divided into 2 appointments

b. Student consultation

c. Student and parent consultation

2) The examiner will take 1-week to mark the results and create a report.



1)  £697.00

2) £588.00 (20% discount for existing and past clients).

Film and Television Industry - Anika's dream

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M Night Shyamalan's commencement address at Drexel University.

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