I have never understood why French grammar (was taught to me) but can honestly say that I cannot remember being taught English grammar.  I was seeing the same situation with my children. Thank you for breaking the cycle. Both children are experiencing much improved school reports.


My daughter was very anxious about a Year 12  English Literature presentation that she had to deliver in front of her class and also be graded on for end of course exam. After her private lesson, she felt positive and ready for the presentation. She received 5/7 which is better than she anticipated.


I had a meeting with my daughter's English teacher, and she said that she is jumping up a class in the new term. Her confidence has improved, and her English has improved tenfold. Now she is reading for an hour every night and is a different girl. We must thank you for supporting this improvement and finding the way to give her a boost. What a change!

ENGLISH Language

  • Analysing Fiction

  • Analysing Non-Fiction

  • Comparing Texts

  • Writing

  • Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar

  • Spoken Language

ENGLISH Literature

Comprehension, analysis and working knowledge:

  • Shakespeare

  • Post 1940 Prose & Drama

  • 1900 Century Prose

  • Poetry

Has your child fallen behind? Perhaps they are good at the subject but lack motivation or a gifted student who wants to be taken to the next level of learning. We support each of these learners.

Prior to the commencement of tuition, the student is pretested to identify those skills that have been mastered and those skills that the student is unsure of. This information forms the starting point of tuition.

The student sets the pace of their learning and selects the concepts that they want further instruction in. In this way, once the student catches up on the necessary foundation skills, we can support them on concepts being introduced at school.


Students experience increased confidence and greater participation in their learning with an experienced LearningClubs tutor.

Assessment Cost: £225.00
Self- Assessment
Includes assessment, marking, comparison between the assessment results and the self-assessment, report and consultation that ties it all together.

The evaluation of the student's English strengths and weaknesses is critical to

pinpoint and prioritize skills to be learnt.


Tuition Cost:

Hourly private 1 to 1 tuition £76

Hourly semi-private tuition (maximum of 3 students): £52

Educational resources for the year: £75

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