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Independent & Grammar Schools' Entrance Exam Preparation, Educational Testing, Language Intervention, Career Testing & Coaching.

Carol is an exceptional coach who possesses a deep understanding of the Independent and Grammar Schools' Entrance Exam curriculum. Her remarkable ability to connect with students personally sets Carol apart, enabling her to tailor her coaching approach to their unique academic and emotional needs. Carol prepares students with the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed, including the multifaceted entrance exam curriculum, exam time management, critical thinking and memory techniques.


Graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada, I studied Special Education and Behavioural Psychology.

I continue to grow my set of tools which include precious learnings from Reuven Feuerstein, Systematic Instruction (University of Washington). I am a NeuroLinguistics, an EFT and a Breath Practitioner.

But most of all, I have a deep fascination with how we learn and succeed. I am a traveller, a South Pacific sailor and love a good workout at the gym.
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Pre GCSE & GCSE English & English Literature; Study Skills Years 7 & 8.

I am a learner continuing to develop my skills and those of my students. I hold a Master’s Degree in English Literature at Durham University, where I have supported students with their English and Study Skills.


I enjoy tutoring English by helping students develop skills to benefit them in all walks of life; as better writers and communicators. Good English skills including analysis and writing can increase success in all subjects, not just humanities.

Supporting students with our Study Skill Course is another passion of mine. By actively developing good study skills and learning strategies, students keep their motivation high and achieve their goals more easily and efficiently.

When I don’t have my nose in a book, you can find me out on the water, rowing and coxing, or out for a run. 
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Primary through GCSE Maths

Since I qualified as a teacher at Leicester University, I have been active in the local education system based in Guernsey, Channel Islands.


Having been a tutor for years, I converted to online tutoring in March 2020. I now enjoy tutoring students and helping them to unlock their understanding of maths. 

I enjoy sewing patchwork, learning to play the accordion and anything to do with the sea. 

NOTE: Sally is able to take a complex mathematical concept and break it down into easy-to-understand language.

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Pre GCSE, GCSE & A-Level
English & Maths;  Study Skills, Revision & Exam Techniques.

I love tutoring Maths as well as Study Skills and I'm thrilled when my students master time management, revision skills and exam-taking. It's great to see their confidence increase as they meet their true potential, often for the first time!

I teach undergraduate study skills to psychology students at the University of Bath and am myself a psychology and economics post-graduate student.

Outside of university, I am a kick-boxer and yogi as I love testing myself, gaining strength, and developing resilience in a physical capacity. Register Now



GCSE & A-Level English;  Primary Literacy; Spelling Punctuation & Grammar.

I teach creatively, with passion and enthusiasm. I'm dedicated to helping my students find their own joy in English Literature and Language.

I have two decades of tutoring experience and studied English Literature at Durham University and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. I'm also an experienced communications coordinator, antenatal educator and freelance writer.

Between tutoring, you'll find me running, crafting, enjoying time with my family and working on my own prose and poetry. Register Now



Primary Literacy & Maths

Creativity is at the heart of my Literacy and Maths tutoring, and I’m passionate about finding ways to inspire my students’ curiosity and love of learning.

My career in classroom teaching and a degree in Music and Drama both enable me to take a holistic approach to my students, identifying their weaker areas and empowering them to enjoy learning and build confidence.

​​Outside of tutoring, you’ll find me crocheting, crafting, performing in drama and music projects and reading. Register Now

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I am a psychology graduate with a Masters in Psychological Research Methods. Since university, I have worked in many fields to develop my clinical skills with the aim of becoming a clinical psychologist. I currently work as an assistant psychologist with NHS Wales. These have given me plenty of skills that I can use in my tutoring sessions!


I started tutoring in Guernsey with face to face sessions but now I am based in Wales and have done online sessions since 2020.


I particularly love researching how the brain works and how our knowledge of it is ever-growing. 


I am an avid baker, reader and lover of crafts. I am always trying to expand my skill set and I am currently trying to develop my crochet skills!

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TechClub: Scratch & Mechatronics

I have a passion for seeding children’s minds with new tools and then watching for that ‘aha!’ moment - when the tools enable them to create something new. 

Technology that is almost invisible to us fills our lives. Our courses, Scratch and Mechatronics, aim to open up that world of programming and so-called ‘physical computing’ so our children no longer take it for granted.

I'm dedicated to giving my students the experience that empowers them to design, modify and create the world around them. Register Now



Pre GCSE, GCSE & A-Level
English & Maths;  Revision & Exam Technique Course.

I am a psychology graduate from the University of Mumbai, with a Post Graduate Diploma in counseling. I'm based in Jersey, where I completed my teacher training at Highlands College.

My key focus is students who are struggling with Maths, as for many, it can be a source of apprehension. I'm highly motivated to help my students build strong foundation skills and confidence in their ability to succeed with Maths. I also use breathing techniques to improve concentration and calm any anxieties.

I enjoy running, meditation, yoga and have a great love and passion for food, especially cake making and decorating. I'm also an avid traveler and devoted to culinary explorations! Register Now



GCSE & A-Level Maths;  Revision & Exam Technique Courses.

I'm a GCSE and A-Level maths and statistics examiner and love to see my students' confidence grow as they get comfortable with the concepts they find challenging. 

I've taught from KS2 to A-Level Further Maths, as well as International Baccalaureate Level Maths, GCSE Statistics, A-Level Physics, Engineering, and Degree-Level Maths for Engineering.


When I'm not tutoring or being a statistics nerd, I enjoy being a dad of two and mountain-biking in Yorkshire. The focus and fresh perspective the outdoors gives me is inspiring and I strive to bring this mindset to my tutoring. I love cycling, running and also building electric guitars in my spare time.  Register Now



Reading Specialist; Primary Maths & English; Study & Exam Skills.

For me, flexible, individualised learning is exciting and brings out the best in my students. I carefully analyse what they need, adapting my resources and approach to nurture confidence and focus their understanding. 

I have taught Primary, coordinated Literacy programs, and been a senior Psychology lecturer and researcher. I also teach Phonics and enjoy creating my own teaching resources and e-books.

Sea-swimming, gardening, family walks and wellbeing are some of my biggest passions. Register Now



Primary through GCSE English

With a career in teaching spanning two decades, I am still passionate about teaching students to tell stories, because a story well told means you can communicate successfully with anybody. 


I enjoy the freedom to innovate and personalise learning for students that tutoring offers, and I enjoy helping students to explore texts and acquire mastery over their written expression.


My goal is always to enable the student to have fun with the learning process and be pleased with their successes. Register Now

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