Meet the team

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Assessment, Language Intervention, English, Career Testing & Coaching.

Graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada, I studied Special Education and Behavioural Psychology.

I continue to grow my set of tools which include precious learnings from Reuven Feuerstein, Systematic Instruction (U of Washington). I am a NeuroLinguistics, an EFT and a Breath Practitioner.

But most of all, I have a deep fascination with how we learn and succeed. I am a traveller, a South Pacific sailer and love a good workout at the gym.  Register Now

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Primary & Juniors Literacy & Numeracy

I have been fortunate to have worked at many of the primary schools in Guernsey I served as the Headteacher at the Vale.


I am passionate about working with students, providing them with a stimulating learning environment where they grow in confidence.

Working with LearningClubs provides me with an opportunity to work with children in very small groups or individual students and experience each child's success which is a thrill for me. Register Now



I am a University of Exeter psychology graduate with a Masters in Psychological Research Methods. Since university, I have worked in many fields to develop my clinical skills with the aim of becoming a clinical psychologist.

I particularly love researching how the brain works and how our knowledge of it is ever-growing.

I am an avid baker, reader and lover of crafts. Register Now


TechClub: Scratch & Mechatronics

He has a passion for seeding children’s minds with new tools and then watching for that ‘aha!’ moment - when the tools enable children to create something new. 

Technology that is almost invisible to us fills our lives. Our courses, Scratch and Mechatronics, aim to open up that world of programming and so-called ‘physical computing’ so our children no longer take it for granted.  This experience empowers them to design, modify and create the world around them. Register Now


Pre GCSE, GCSE & A-Level
English & Maths;  Revision & Exam Technique Course.

Maths Years 4 through GCSEs, Maths revision and exam preparation.

Education: I am a Psychology Graduate from the University of Mumbai with a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. I completed my GTTP program in Jersey from Highlands College.


Why I tutor: I particularly like focusing on tutoring students who are struggling with Maths to help them build strong foundation skills. I also use breathing techniques to calm the student's nerves and improve concentration.


Interesting details about me: I live in Jersey. I enjoy running, meditation, yoga and have a great love and passion for food. I am an avid traveller and my travels are all about culinary explorations. Register Now


Pre GCSE, GCSE & A-Level
English & Maths;  Revision & Exam Technique Course.

I studied at City of Leeds and Carnegie teacher training college. The main focus of my studies was maths, geography and art.


I have taught in both primary and secondary settings and specialised in literacy intervention. I have found it rewarding supporting children who find accessing reading and writing difficult.


I enjoy tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to continue to help children achieve their best and inspire them on a personal and academic level. I love to see their confidence grow. Register Now

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Maths Years 4 through GCSEs &
A-Level, Maths Revision and Exam Preparation

I am a Teesside University graduate of Mathematics Education. I also hold a BSc Hons (1st) in Design and Technology (STEM) from the University of South Wales.

I specialise in building solid numeracy foundations and working with maths anxiety because it is important to me that people gain confidence in their abilities.

I currently live in Scandinavia where I enjoy exploring or relaxing in the great outdoors with my family and pets. I am a creative

artist and sustainable fashion designer with a passion for all things retro. Register Now


Maths Years 4-8

Since 2014, John has tutored Maths to students of various abilities at LearningClubs.

He received his teacher training at St Luke’s College, Exeter and has taught both in the UK and Guernsey at Junior and Secondary Schools. 

John is methodical in his tuition, always providing his student with time to understand, practice, and demonstrate their knowledge.  He believes in the importance of consolidation in a child’s education.

John may be seen on a sunny day running down a lane with his dog Doyle or supporting his wife, Sue, at local events selling her meticulously cut paper art. Register Now


Pre GCSE & GCSE English & English Literature.

I am studying for my Master's Degree at Durham University in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, where I also read for my Bachelors in English Literature. I surprised myself during my studies and fell head over heels for researching Viking Sagas and Arthurian Romances. 

I enjoy tutoring English by helping students develop skills that will help them in all walks of life; as a better writer and communicator, you can succeed in all of your other subjects, not just humanities. 

When I don’t have my nose in a book, you can find me out on the water, rowing and coxing, or out for a run. Register Now


Primary through GCSE Maths

Having qualified as a teacher at Leicester University, I taught at many Guernsey schools prior to opening a Preschool.

I now enjoy tutoring students and helping them to unlock their understanding of maths. In addition, I  provide supply teaching.

I enjoy sewing patchwork, learning to play the accordion and anything to do with the sea. Register Now


Pre GCSE, GCSE & A-Level
English & Maths;  Revision & Exam Technique Course.

I am a psychology and economics post-graduate student who teaches undergraduate study skills to psychology students at the University of Bath. 

Each stage of academic study relies more and more heavily on study skills. When a student masters time management, notetaking, revision skills, exam-taking, their confidence increases as they gain control over exam results. When they practice these study skills, it may be the first time their true ability is revealed.

Outside of university, I am a kick-boxer and yogi as I love testing myself, gain strength, and develop resilience in a physical capacity. Register Now