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We offer Personalised Online Tuition for Your Child every step of the way - from Year One through GCSE - focusing on English & Maths, Assessment,
Entrance Exam Preparation, and Study & Exam Mastery.


How LearningClubs can help transform your child's vision of themselves into that of a successful learner.

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We have upgraded to Online Tuition for your convenience!

Online Tuition
Years 1-3

Building confidence in:


Nurturing academic growth in an enjoyable atmosphere, whilst creating opportunities for lasting knowledge.

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Online Tuition
Years 4-7

Developing a strong skill set lays the foundation for success, and creativity is what sets us apart.

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Online Tuition
Years 8 - 9

As students progress through school, it is essential to cultivate core abilities and increase the agility of thought.

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About Us

We support all students including gifted students. As every child learns differently, LearningClubs use a range of strategies to enhance their learning experience.


We were beyond over the moon with his Grade 8 in Maths, what a turn around and all thanks to your brilliant company. The devil is always in the detail and the time you spent establishing where his gaps were in his knowledge, ensuring that these were addressed and tested before moving on to a new level really helped and even though he had to go back to basics he was never made to feel anything other than encouraged.


Encouraged to ask questions, encouraged to work hard, encouraged he could achieve, this combined with great teaching and his hard work all helped him obtain a grade he never ever thought possible (nor did we) he has put to bed his nemesis subject at last.


I have recommended you to so many people already, we will continue to fully endorse all you do.


A thrilled and very proud mum!


We just want to thank you both for the help over the past 2 years! Sam is full of praise and says without question she has helped her more than the teacher at school. I am so glad that we came along to you. Looking back I can remember Sam asking why she has to go to extra maths when none of her friends do!  Seeing her confidence grow has been wonderful and never once has she complained about having to go. We are thrilled with her progress.

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