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Isle of Man

Catherine (Parent)

We have been supported as a family by Learning Clubs for around 10 years.

My eldest was capable but struggled with confidence when faced with difficult questions. My middle child was confident and capable so we wanted to encourage him. My youngest struggles more with the basics.

The excellent tutors have given my children the knowledge and confidence to help them achieve and support their learning at school. No matter their ability, Learning Clubs matched them to a tutor who is right for them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Learning Clubs to my friends (and I regularly do).

About Us


WHO WE ARE: Established in 2011, LearningClubs offers bespoke learning opportunities for students to boost their thinking skills while building confidence from Years 1 through A-Level. We practise well-being and take your child's well-being seriously.

WHAT WE DO: We provide a holistic educational service beginning with assessment. Our assessment team gets to know you and determines if we are a good fit for you and your child. Like good detectives, we investigate your child’s skills, looking for skill strengths and weaknesses and listening to their story about school. We report the results to you and will create a bespoke learning program appropriate to their skill targets and learning styles. Uncovering when their school challenges began provides us with critical information and what support is needed to get your child onto the road of self-confidence and skill mastery. We support all students, including gifted students. As every child learns differently, LearningClubs use various strategies to enhance their learning experience.

Lessons vary in size from one to one, paired or small group with a maximum of 6 students. A rich learning experience is what your child will experience at LearningClubs as they develop critical and creative thinking techniques and build confidence.

LearningClubs’ tutors are dedicated educators who are not confined to the rigours of the curriculum; therefore, they offer your child time to learn at their own pace and the topics they need to advance.

They each meet our high standards of subject mastery. They are excellent communicators and active listeners. They respect students, providing each space to express themselves and experience success on their terms.

All tutors have met our rigorous reference checks, wellbeing audit, Enhanced Police Checks and Child Protection Level 1 or higher. More information: TEAM

1) Consultation before commitment. I want to listen to your questions and concerns about how we can support your child. I listen as you tell me about your child's progression, challenges and abilities.
2) Assessment: Depending on the year of the student and the subject focus, this can vary from 20 minutes to 2.5 hours. Students complete the assessment at their own pace. After all, we want to see them at their best performance and behaviour. 
3) The examiner will take 1-week to mark the assessment and create a report.
4) An appointment is scheduled to review the report and results with the parent. We want to ensure that each aspect is thoroughly understood and to determine the next step with you.

Step by step, I will accompany you and your child on this journey, helping you discover what is holding your child from optimal learning. Investigation of a student's learning challenges can uncover surprising causes such as illness, limited understanding of the subject, not learning from a teaching technique, and debilitating self-beliefs that restrict accessing their potential, to name a few. With specialist tutors, I have witnessed students become confident and competent.


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