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Preventing the Loss of Learning During Summer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Are you concerned about your child's learning loss* during this coming summer?

Summer holidays should be a time of relaxation and exploration. But too often, students return to school in September after losing the skills they worked so hard to attain during the school year.

*Summer learning loss is the loss of academic skills, and knowledge children can experience over the summer break from school. Your children need a break; no one can blame them as they have worked hard all year. With the long summer ahead, see how you can keep them learning – while still having fun.

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Summer Reading

Summer reading offers a way to unplug from tech, but not from learning. Whether it's books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, or other publications, reading can help engage students in something they are specifically interested in and help cultivate passion and open communication within the family.

Tip: Visit your local library and encourage your child to discuss their interests and dislikes with the librarian. The librarian will provide engaging titles to explore with a bit of information.


The Summer Reading Challenge is ON. Ready, Set, Read! is the name of the game and this year, you guessed it, the theme is sports and games. Children will be able to join a superstar team and their marvellous mascots as they navigate a fictional summer obstacle course brought to life with illustrations by children's illustrator Loretta Schauer, rewarded by free incentives including stickers. Your child can set their own reading goals, but we recommend reading six books in total.

Revision Preparation

If your child is at the age where they will be focusing on preparing for exams, this is something that they can do in conjunction with other summer activities and with study buddies. With a proactive mindset and a well-rounded summer experience, your child can excel in their exams while still savouring the joys of the Summer.

Tip: Exam preparedness significantly reduces student stress, but don't leave it to the last moment.

Summer Courses

An online course can help gain "brownie points" in high school and encourage interest in specific areas. Or taking an online course on an unfamiliar topic or a hobby can lead to an enriching summer.

Tip: If your child has faced challenges in their education, the summer provides an excellent opportunity to catch up.


Giving time to a worthy cause can help students see social issues in a new light and inspire them to grow their life experiences.

Tip: Adapting to new surroundings and new people can improve their communication skills, build confidence and gain a sense of community.


If there are family travel plans over the summer, take advantage of the educational activities. Visiting historic sites and landmarks is a great way for children to experience history and geography.

Tip: Does your child's school pre-tests for placement at the beginning of the school year? If so, you can help them prepare by reviewing the past syllabus using materials requested from their school during holidays but don't leave this too long.

Maintain a routine

While summer is a time for relaxation, maintaining a consistent routine can help provide structure and stability. Establish a flexible schedule that incorporates designated times for learning, physical activity, leisure, and rest.

Tip: Collaborate with your child to create a visual schedule for the summer break. Use a large poster board or digital calendar to allocate specific time slots for learning, physical activity, leisure, and rest. Display the schedule in a visible place and regularly revisit it with your child to maintain structure while allowing for flexibility and personalisation.

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*Harvard School of Education test results indicated a significant decrease in retention during the summer holidays:

  • 32% in English

  • 58% on Maths


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