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A message from Carol: Specialist Tutor

Language Intervention:
student's description.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your effort in assisting with his learning over the past few months.  


We have seen a huge improvement in so many things but most of all in his confidence.  


One of the noticeable changes in him is his willingness to read..., 2 months ago he would not even attempt it. 

Language Intervention (Speciality): 
Year4, Year 5, Year 6 & Year 7

When should Language Intervention be considered?

  • A Child's Language is Compromised, and they feel left out or left behind.

  • Their Confidence is Damaged, and their Self-Esteem Suffers.

  • Their Reading, Spelling or Vocabulary may be limited.

  • They may appear slow, and miss opportunities to make progress and contribute.

The mastery of expressive language may involve breath control, phonology and syllabication. 

The key to student language growth is teaching the reader at just the right level and the right pace for them. Using this simple formula and adaptive methodology, students no longer struggle. They focus on building their foundation skills and beyond. Their confidence grows.

Review of past reports, including the past three end-of-school reports and a speech and hearing assessment if available, test and marking, the report and consultation.

This critical information gives the tutor essential direction when choosing the child's starting point and designing the reading activities just for them.

Cost of Test & Interview:

£165.00 Years 1-5

£275.00 Years 6+

Cost of Tuition:

£41/lesson (1 to 1) 30-minutes

£81/lesson (1 to 1) 60-minutes 

+ Resources £124.44/year or prorated when the programme begins.
​This is an annual cost for materials and online programmes for homework. This fee is prorated to the month that the student is registered.

Evidence-Based Research & Years of Experience

The specialist supports students with dyslexia, poor perceptual memory, wondering focus, and reading or speech irregularities.

Evidence-based techniques are adapted to the needs of individual learners.


"From testing to creating a successful reading pathway, I develop a programme in which your child will feel confident in mastering reading" - Carol Railton


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