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GCSE Maths Online Revision Course

to support you every step of the way!

We get to know your teen through conversation, assessment and direct tuition. We provide personal support throughout Maths revision. This is the prime time to receive support; set academic goals; build confidence and resilience in preparation for GCSE Maths Exams. Click on the GCSE Maths your child is registered in this year.

Dear Student and Parent,
The following 6 steps are critical factors that create success in our GCSE Maths courses. These 6 steps enable us to create your bespoke GCSE programme, ready for you to be welcomed into a group of like-minded, motivated students wanting to achieve their potential. You will learn, and your confidence will grow in this supportive environment.

How do we do this?

Once you have completed registration, including the deposit, we invest time and expertise to:

  1. Chat with you to better understand your worries, past performance and goals.

  2. Email you a self-assessment to complete and return to LearningClubs. Completing this survey allows you to get familiar with your particular learning style. You can apply this knowledge to your studies and to life in general.

  3. Provide a mock GCSE exam to pinpoint the concepts you are unfamiliar with and those you need to review. 

  4. Mark the mock GCSE exam.

  5. Match the exam results with your self-assessment survey and review it with you.

  6. Match you with other students who will complement your learning journey and make it enjoyable.

The lead Online GCSE Maths Tutor, Chris, has been teaching Maths since 2005, transitioning to online Maths in 2019. His expertise includes Maths KS3, GCSE (Foundation and Higher Tier), A-level maths and International Baccalaureate. Chris is an excellent communicator and is passionate about the outdoors and well-being. 

The GCSE Maths courses support students' greater subject knowledge and self-confidence. 

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