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Revision Foundation GCSE Maths Levels 1-5

Struggling with Maths and can't get the courage to ask questions during the lesson? Do you have a sinking feeling with the GCSE Maths Exam approaching? We get it and have your back! This course is designed for you. We follow a 6-step process to create your bespoke GCSE programme, ready for you to be welcomed into a group of like-minded, motivated students wanting to improve their grades. You will learn, and your confidence will grow in this supportive environment.

Levels 1 - 5

 Sundays (10:30 - 12.00)

6 students

Details: ​

  • Students are welcomed during the school year. Late registrants, January 1 and beyond need to have the tutor's permission

  •  Registration is limited to 6 students only

  • Guided Maths Survey is emailed to you to complete

  • Appointment is made to sit a Mock GCSE Maths exam. This assists the tutor in prioritizing topics you need to master

  • Recommendations from the student's School Teacher are welcomed if available 

   Cost: £47 per hour

  • Maths Assessment: £225* 

  • GCSE Maths study card packs are sent to the student

  • Balance of payment is received 7 days prior scheduled entry date

  • Attendance is for a minimum of 10 continuous lessons

  • The course finishes the week before the GCSE Maths.

  • 10% discount for past or current students is deducted from the total course cost.

* Includes the assessment, comparing the results with the self-assessment, marking, report and consultation. Evaluation of the student's Maths strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint skills to be learned

LearningClubs GCSE Maths courses support students' greater subject knowledge and self-confidence. 


We just want to thank you both for the help.

Sam is full of praise and says without question she has helped her more than the teacher at school.

Looking back, I remember Sam asking why she has to go to extra maths when none of her friends do!


Seeing her confidence grow has been wonderful; never has she complained about having to go.


We are thrilled with her progress.

The lead Online GCSE Maths Tutor

Chris, has been teaching Maths since 2005, transitioning to online Maths in 2019. His expertise includes Maths KS3, GCSE (Foundation and Higher Tier), A-level maths and International Baccalaureate. Chris is an excellent communicator and is passionate about the outdoors and wellbeing. 

Chris brings an experienced hand to online group GCSE Maths tuition using Google Teams for students to learn and be academically challenged in a safe and respectful environment. Break-out rooms are organised for students to practice assigned exercises before presenting to the group. Research indicates that this and intermittent review are teaching methods critical for students to learn and retain information. The tutor provides direct instruction to those students needing additional attention and to stretch high achievers.

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