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Skills learnt in this programme can be applied to all the subjects that the student is studying. 


Students explore how they learn. Once they have identified their learning style, they can apply this to all subjects.  


This knowledge can be applied every day, of every month, of every year throughout their entire academic life.


They can apply these skills to enhance their future careers and involvement in their communities.


Note: This programme is not a subject tutoring programme.  If your child lacks confidence and/or is underperforming in a subject they will require specific subject tuition.  If this is the case contact us.

Study Skills: Years 7,8 & 9

or go to Years 10 and above

The Confident & Successful Student = Excellent Study Habits

It is important to develop good study skills early on in secondary school, as this will have a positive impact on success in all subjects. Different techniques may work for different people, so it is important to find what works best for your child.

This class is for motivated students that want to organise their personal and academic lives, study more effectively, and learn how to prioritise. Held in a workshop setting each student will practise new techniques with current homework. Registration is limited to 6 students, 


Overview of curriculum:

  1. Investigate multi-intelligence & identify your learning style

  2. Master mindfulness to navigate stress & increase focus

  3. Time management & prioritising activities

  4. Set goals & be responsible for results

  5. Take & summarise class instruction

  6. Organisation of subjects and commitments

  7. Notetaking from textbooks

  8. Review & Revise notes

  9. Preview next lesson

  10. Interpret & create visual & auditory aids to assist memory

  11. Utilise reference sources

  12. Use graphic organisers & chart

  13. Discover internet-based tools to enhance written skills and transcription options

  14. Identify and amplify your growth mindset potential

Course Cost: cer 31.01.2023

Could this be a life changer for your child

Course Schedule: Week of the 16th of October. The day is determined by the tutor well in advance
12 hours of 1.5 hour lessons
Proposed Time: 5-630pm 
Cost: £468 Quoted to prospect Elaine today (Hello@)

I would like to Register my child now!

#1 Top Tip  
🔎 Identify and develop your primary learning style 


One of the first activities in our Study Skills course is guiding students to recognise if auditory, visual, or kinaesthetic learning techniques are most effective for them personally. Tailoring study around these preferences makes a real difference to memory and enjoyment of revision! 

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