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Top 10 Tips to Support Your Child with Dyslexia

Updated: Mar 11

Your child’s school may have already provided you with various tools and strategies to support your child with their dyslexia. Here are some tips if you need further assistance:

1. Stay Connected with School: Keep in touch with your child's school, especially the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), to work together on strategies.

2. Know Dyslexia: Learn about dyslexia to advocate effectively. Understanding your child's challenges helps in creating a supportive environment.

3. Personalised Plan (IEP): Develop an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) with the school, focusing on specific goals and tailored support.

4. Use Multisensory Methods: Support learning with engaging techniques that involve different senses, like interactive tools and hands-on activities.

5. Tech Tools: Explore assistive technology to aid reading and writing, such as text-to-speech software or dyslexia-friendly fonts.

6. Reading Boost: Provide extra reading support at home, consider audiobooks, and encourage the school to implement reading intervention programs.

7. Highlight Strengths: Focus on your child's strengths and interests, nurturing their creativity and critical thinking skills.

8. Break Tasks Down: Help your child tackle tasks step by step, reducing stress and frustration. Encourage the school to use this approach too.

9. Classroom Accommodations: Advocate for classroom accommodations, like extended time or preferential seating, to meet your child's needs.

10. Emotional Support: Offer emotional support, reinforcing a positive mindset and building confidence through effort and perseverance.

Remember, each child is unique, so tailor these tips based on your child's individual needs and strengths. Regular communication with the school ensures a collaborative effort in supporting your child. If you need support and would like us to help you, please just ask. Carol is always happy to discuss your concerns in a phone call. Email: hello@learningclubs.com for a free consultation.


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