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GCSE Maths Higher Tier Tuition (Levels 4-9) 

You want to be prepared for GCSE Maths Exam. You are keen to increase your level but help from a knowledgeable tutor would make it less stressful for you. We get it and have your back!


Reviewing past results with your child, we pinpoint and prioritise the concepts that require direct instruction and review. A benchmark is established, so your child will see their Maths improvement based on understanding, practice, memory, recall and growing confidence.



Provide us with a marked school-based GCSE Maths test your child wrote within the past 3 months, and further testing is not required.

Assessment Cost: £399.00 only as necessary

Includes the assessment, invigilating, marking, report and consultation. Evaluation of the student's Maths strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint skills to be learned.

Tuition Costs:

£79/lesson Private GCSE Maths lesson for 60-minutes
£54/lesson semi-private GCSE Maths lesson with 2 students for 60-minutes

+ £124.44 is charged for educational resources for the year. This fee is prorated to the student's registered month and payable quarterly.

The lead Online GCSE Maths Tutor

Chris, has been teaching Maths since 2005, transitioning to online Maths in 2019. His expertise includes Maths KS3, GCSE (Foundation and Higher Tier), A-level maths and International Baccalaureate. Chris is an excellent communicator and is passionate about the outdoors and



LearningClubs GCSE Maths courses support students' greater subject knowledge and


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