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GCSE English Language

Passing GCSE English Language is crucial for further education. Failure means retaking exams to qualify for many other courses. 

At LearningClubs, we have transformed countless students by reviewing past results and focusing on key areas for improvement. 

Our tailored approach includes essential techniques for critical reading (identifying information, analysing language, comparing texts, and evaluating), effective writing (clear communication, organising ideas, and accurate spelling and grammar), and spoken language (presentation skills and using Standard English). 

With our comprehensive and personalised instruction, your child will gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in their GCSE English Language exam.





Provide us with a marked school-based GCSE English Language test your child wrote within the past 3 months, and further testing is not required.

Assessment Cost: £399.00 only as necessary

Includes the assessment, invigilating, marking, report and consultation. Evaluation of the student's Maths strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint skills to be learned.

Tuition Costs:

£78/lesson Private GCSE Maths lesson for 60-minutes
£52/lesson semi-private GCSE Maths lesson with 2 students for 60-minutes

+ £124.44 is charged for educational resources for the year. This fee is prorated to the student's registered month and payable quarterly.

English Language Topics


Read and understand a range of texts to: 

  • Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas  

  • Select and synthesise evidence from different texts 

  • Explain, comment on and analyse how writers use language and structure to achieve effects and influence readers, using relevant subject terminology to support their views 

  • Compare writers’ ideas and perspectives, as well as how these are conveyed, across two or more texts

  • Evaluate texts critically and support this with appropriate textual references 



  • Communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively, selecting and adapting tone, style and register for different forms, purposes and audiences  

  • Organise information and ideas, using structural and grammatical features to support coherence and cohesion of texts

  • Candidates must use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with accurate spelling and punctuation. (This requirement must constitute 20% of the marks for each specification as a whole.) 


  • Demonstrate presentation skills in a formal setting 

  • Listen and respond appropriately to spoken language, including to questions and feedback to presentations

  • Use spoken Standard English effectively in speeches and presentations.

English Language and Literature are essential GCSE subjects, but they can be among the hardest to master. We provide the support you need to succeed in both areas.

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