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How to Get Your School Year Off to a Relaxed & Productive Start

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Gearing up for back-to-school can be a bit overwhelming; there is a lot to do, many transitions to navigate, and a sense of blues that summer has gone by too fast.

However, you can quickly turn back-to-school anxiety into positive anticipation for a great school year.

We have shared our top tips for transitioning back to school.


  • Ease into a "school" bedtime schedule. Slowly transitioning into a "school" sleep schedule ensures proper rest and encourages a positive attitude towards returning to school.

  • Get ready for school the night before. Avoid chaotic mornings and forgotten school supplies by having everyone pack up their homework, bookbags, lunch/lunch money, etc., before bed.

Top Tip: Have a "Sunday Night Meeting" every week! Ask your children what they have scheduled for the week (such as sports, lunch clubs, and after-school activities). Children like to know what to expect, so share your plans for the week (tell them if you will have a late night at the office or have to attend a meeting at school).


  • "Before school begins, collaborate with your child and set up their study space. Discuss what worked and what did not work last year. Consider 30-minutes of decluttering and filling distracting and unused things in an empty box headed for your child's favourite charity,.” - Carol (Tutor)

Top Tip: College Entrance Exam Prep beginning in November.

  • Clean out bookbags once a week. Cluttered bookbags are the root cause of lost assignments and must be cleaned out regularly. (The Sunday Night Meeting is another good time to do this.)

  • Establish a routine for papers that need your attention. Purchase magnetic clips for each child and post them on the refrigerator. Have your children clip papers here that you need to fill out, sign, etc.

  • Is everyone using their school planners? Check your communication apps. These are the new "norm" for schools to communicate homework, reminders for PE days and generally to keep you in the loop.

Top Tip: "Is getting homework done a constant struggle? An after-school homework club could be the solution. Schools and many public libraries offer them, usually after school finishes for the day.” - Sarah (Awesome Mum)


  • Encourage your child to think positively by witnessing your example. Focus on the things they're looking forward to about the new school year.

  • "Back-to-school anxiety can be fear of the unknown with new teachers and new subjects. Most school websites have a programme of study and 5 minutes looking ahead can give students a good idea of what they will be doing. Packing your school bag ready for the first day is also a good way to feel prepared."- Chris (Tutor): GCSE Maths Online Course Online Maths Lessons

  • Stay healthy both physically and mentally. Help your child eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep. Encourage them to exercise and take breaks before and when they feel overwhelmed. Remember you are their top Role Model.

Top Tip: Involve your children in choosing and preparing healthy lunches and snacks.

Additional Tip: Praise effort, progress, and the process rather than only praising successful outcomes

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