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RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN conflict! A first-hand account from Tutor Nirupa Ramanathan

Updated: May 18, 2022

Heard so much about it (of course from the media) but what’s it like to witness it first hand?

I am currently in Romania (Siret) close to the Ukrainian border helping out with the refugee crisis.

The scenes here on ground zero are heart-breaking to say the least. We’re housing as many as 60 refugees every night and taking care of all their immediate needs as they decide their next destination. Mostly women and children as the Ukrainian government is not allowing men to leave the country (exceptions for special circumstances).

AOL and IAHV are doing a fabulous job on the ground in various countries. From organizing people’s pick up at the border, to feeding them, getting supplies and clothing, meditation sessions for trauma relief, arranging travel to wherever they wish to go and the list could go on…

I am particularly in awe of these women and children who have braved this journey under the harshest of conditions still with a smile on their face. What they want is not gender equality or freedom of expression but to reunite with their partners to the once happy family they were. An atypical Women’s Day this year.

If you would like to donate so the work IAHV can continue to look after as many displaced families for as long as this conflict continues that would be very much appreciated

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