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Helping your child get the best out of their digital experience

Updated: May 18, 2022

When used correctly, in moderation, and coupled with and not to the detriment of other activities, the use of technology can be beneficial to your child’s development. But with a caveat that uncontrolled usage or overuse can cause problems.

  • Be online role models: share with your children where you go online to get trusted information.

  • Don't be frightened of allowing internet access: provision of access and support can be as important as ensuring their digital safety for their personal development. Being too protective can stifle their experience.

  • Listen to your child and encourage them to share what they are doing and anything which may have upset or disturbed them online.

  • Feed their appetite for learning: children who use the internet for information-seeking tend to have supportive, enabling parents.

  • Allow them to play games and play them together. Playing games is a way for younger children to develop an interest in technology and introduce skills they will need when they are older.

By supporting our children with their digital experiences, we enable them to gain skills and knowledge from the internet and maximise opportunities.

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