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Do you have a plan to prepare your child for the 2023 Entrance Exams?

I do! I have a comprehensive plan to provide your child with a competitive edge to writing the exam with confidence.

Reason #1: Confidence is naturally boosted as your child masters concept after concept.

Reason #2: Know the 32 Verbal, Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning concepts inside out.

Reason #3:  Upskill their maths skills to  Year 5 and beyond. 

Reason #4:  Smash Reading comprehension using my reverse techniques.

Reason #5: No longer lost for words when asked to write an essay with 5 tips. 

Reason #6: Systematic review of all concepts is the (secret) sauce to success.

Reason #7: Use the Power of Elimination when unsure of the answer.


A heartfelt thank you for your ability to target multiple intelligence that has not only improved my son's intellect, but it has also made a positive and equally important impact on his emotional development.


His new found positive mindset provided the necessary emotional grounding to successfully transition into the next phase of his education and successfully gain his seat at college.

Reason #8:  Develop memory techniques

not taught at school.

Reason #9: Enhanced memory and verbal learning through mindfulness.

Reason #10: Recall is enhanced by presenting new knowledge in supportive pairs.  

Reason #11: Systematic review of all concepts *Embracing Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve (research).

Reason #12: Become a more nibble


Reason #13: Apply time management to an exam.

Reason #14: Practise disengagement

techniques and move on to answers they know.


  • Increase speed of response.

  • Dig deep to persevere when ‘the going gets tough’.

  • Build resilience and confidence as the exam date approaches.

  • 5-breaths experience to disengage from worry,  increase focus to access knowledge.

Identities areas that require direct instruction and those for review. The results become a benchmark for future reference. The test takes approximately 2 hours. Once marked, an appointment is set up to discuss the report.
Valued at £399 - included in the cost.

Maximum of 6 students are instructed individually and in a group. Continuous monitoring for progress and when individual instruction would benefit. Students work in pairs on the problem of the day and then present to the group.

More information

* Two weekly, 60-minute lessons occur over 30 weeks.

  • Monday 5.30-6.30 pm: Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Writing

  • Thursdays, 5.30-6.30 pm: Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Maths

* Resources: Valued at £157 - included in the cost

* Cost: £2797 one time fee or pay 

  five instalments of £615.34
* Deposit of £200 is required to secure your child's

I would like to Register my child now!

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