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GCSE Foundation Maths online

Overview Foundation Level Maths: Numbers, Graphs, Algebra, Geometry & Measures, Probability.

Next Steps:

  • Registration is limited to 6 students only

  • Payment of a £100 deposit secures your teen's registration *

  • Appointment is set for students to complete a Self-assessment Maths Survey. If a recent Maths exam is provided then the need to sit a Mock Maths exam with LearningClubs is waived. This assists the tutor in prioritising topics to be studied

  • Recommendations from the student's School Teacher are welcomed if available 

  • Balance of payment is received 7 days prior to course commencement

  • GCSE study card packs are sent to the student

  • Learning begins!

    * 10% discount for past or current students
    *deducted from total course cost



Foundation GCSE Levels 1-5
Saturday Course (Ongoing Support)

 2022 6th August - 8th October

15 hours (10, 1.5 hours )
9.00-10.30 ( break) 11.30-1.00pm |M-F

6 students




Encouraged to ask questions, encouraged to work hard, encouraged he could achieve, this combined with great teaching and his hard work all helped him obtain a grade he never ever thought possible (nor did we) he has put to bed his nemesis subject at last.


I have recommended you to so many people already, we will continue to fully endorse all you do.


A thrilled and very proud mum!

About Online Revision Courses in GCSE Maths

Our GCSE Maths Revision Courses are helping our students to:


  • kick-start and energise their approach to studying

  • quickly build skills needed to improve their exam results

  • provide simple steps to understand complex concepts 

  • boost their confidence based on mastering those concepts

  • reduce inefficient studying that wastes precious time

  • gain insight into answering questions from an examiner's perspective to increase marks

  • cover key topics as well as address individual learning needs

Summer is a critical time for GCSE students. This is the last opportunity for them to receive concentrated revision, receive expert support, set academic goals, build confidence and resilience in preparation for teacher assessment prior to September 2022.

At LearningClubs, we focus on personalised instruction for your teen - teaching those topics which they need most to increase their assessment grade. We take time to interview your teen, take them through a Guided Self-Assessment and study their teacher submitted recommendations. The time invested before the course begins will prioritise the topics to be mastered. Finally, one of our talented tutors will recommend which of the courses, Ongoing Support or a Short Course, best suits your child at this time.

Our online revision course:

  • Have a maximum of 6 students

  • Topics to be mastered are pinpointed prior to the course

    • We start with an interview - Chat with Carol or Sarah

    • The student completes a self-assessment

    • To further enhance the course design, the student is invited to present a recent GCSE mock exam and teacher recommendations. Identifying what the student has already mastered will narrow down the concepts remaining to be learnt

  • Are conducted online to ensure continuity

  • Focus on mastery of identified concepts, recall and past paper practice

  • Address individual concerns

  • Build topic confidence and self-confidence

  • Mindfulness is practised in our courses.


LearningClubs' focused courses ensure that students return to and settle back into school with greater

subject knowledge and self-confidence.

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