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Are you enthusiastic about fostering a love for mathematics in students? LearningClubs is currently seeking Math Tutors to join our team. This role involves providing personalised instruction to students either individually or in small groups, ensuring a positive and nurturing learning environment. We are committed to supporting students preparing for Math GCSE & A-Level examinations.

Core Skills

Educational Background:

  • Tutors must hold a relevant degree and experience in mathematics education. A teaching certificate is highly valued.


  • A strong command of mathematical concepts across various topics relevant to the academic levels being tutored.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment: 

  • Be able to create a positive and nurturing learning environment, fostering wellness and promoting student confidence.

Assessment and Feedback:

  • The capability to assess students' progress and deliver constructive feedback.


Teaching Experience and Passion:

  • Prior experience and a genuine passion for teaching students at different academic levels.


Wellness Mindset:

  • Ability to incorporate a wellness mindset into teaching practices.

Communication Skills:

  • Effective communication skills to engage with students and parents, ensuring a collaborative learning environment.

Critical Thinking:

  • Adapt to various learning styles and use effective problem-solving techniques to achieve successful outcomes for students.


Growth Mindset and Curiosity:

  • A mindset open to new challenges and continuous learning in the field of mathematics education.


An up-to-date CV 


A current Enhanced Police Check 

Valid Right to Work

Child Protection/Safeguarding Level 2 minimum


The schedule is adaptable fitting most professionals' lifestyles; after school with hours from 1 to 10



LearningClubs, established in the Channel Islands for the past 12 years, is dedicated to supporting students aged 5-18 in meeting and exceeding their learning milestones. As wellness practitioners, we extend our commitment beyond mastery in Maths and English to include study skills and address specific learning disabilities. Our primary focus remains on nurturing confidence in each child.

Make a difference in a child's life - become a tutor.


Apply at https://www.learningclubs.com/work-with-us

  • In your application, please include student ability levels and age groups of those you have taught.


E: hello@learningclubs.com

Phone number for applications or enquiries: +447911712250

Mathematics Tutor -  GCSE to A-Levels 
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