Looking forward to more online tonight!  You are very good for HIM - your teaching method is allowing him to expand at his own pace - so much appreciated! Thanks!

TechClub’s programme begins with 'Scratch Level 1— a visual programming system that teaches the core principles of coding in an intuitive and fun way. (includes; loops, conditionals, variables and lots more). Creating stories using basic animation.



Encouraged to ask questions, encouraged to work hard, encouraged he could achieve, this combined with great teaching and his hard work all helped him obtain a grade he never ever thought possible (nor did we) he has put to bed his nemesis subject at last.


I have recommended you to so many people already, we will continue to fully endorse all you do.


A thrilled and very proud mum!


I signed up my son to Scratch 1 and then Scratch 2. He thoroughly loved his time doing this. He is learning Scratch at school - by going on the course he has gained additional further knowledge. I hope learningclubs expands to do App coding in the future.......

Our Scratch Projects course extends students into using Scratch to create an animated cartoon.  (includes; story flow, dialogue control, animation) preparing them for Mechatronics Level 1.


Importantly, we ask that students either complete our Scratch Level 1 course or demonstrate a clear understanding of Scratch before joining the Mechatronics course. This is to ensure that students have sufficient grounding to successfully learn the new concepts taught in Mechatronics Level 1.

Mechatronics courses (electronics, mechanics and coding) start with Level 1 which provides a grounding in many electro-mechanical components and uses visual programming à la Scratch to control these devices connected to the computer (includes; LEDs, servo motors, switches and more).  Students create an arcade style machine to take home along with an ‘Arduino’ electronics kit.

In Mechatronics Projects we cut the cord between Scratch and Arduino and program the Arduino directly (using C++, aka. Arduino C) for use in standalone and autonomous projects.