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Unleash the Coding Super Star in your child


Give them a head start in 21st Century success


A healthy approach to coding:


Do you see the little Einstein in your child that others have not recognized yet? Perhaps now is the time for your child to discover their inner genius.


We remove your worry, if your child is the shy student, has only tried coding a little bit and the never tried coding student or even the advanced student who is beginning to lose interest in conventional learning. This is a nurturing learning environment where your child moves at their own pace and we support them one step at a time. Alternatively, if your child has already begun to show their genius, they too will move at their own pace. We will coach them providing them space to discover, investigate, enquire and collaborate.


Our programmes support your child:


o  Feeling successful and clever regardless of past experience


o  Moving at their own pace, fast, medium or slow without stress


o   Casting aside past failures to learn and experience the thrill of  

     working within a team to get to a successful outcome


o   Developing a thirst to learn.


We give our 100% commitment to nurture resilient children in our courses.*



So here is what we have created for your child:                


Scratch Level 1


Exploring the Scratch interface to do the following:


- use the toolbar


- master the ten function buttons


- understand the command blocks such as the if/then statement


- repeat code and loops


- rotation settings


- use x, y coordinates to move the sprite


- name and save your project



Graduates move to  moving onto …


Scratch  Level 2


- utilise the talents of the team create a storyboard for agame


- elect members to research and deliver different components


- develop the game from the choice of functions and object-based



- decide on features of the game such as hit test, collisions, scoring

 and levels, and then execute them.


- broadcast your game.



Cost: Scratch Level 1 or Level 2 - £199.00


We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if your child does not love this programme


Phone me, if you have any questions on 07911 750 613


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1. Your child will experience the practical expression of Mindfulness. It is practiced in our coding classes with a simple, yet powerful Breath exercise. We believe that healthy minds need to be stilled from time to time, a world of gaming and social media which is challenging the mental health of our children. Learning to unplug the mind is one of the 21 century top tips for mental health.


2. Your child will develop personal skills to use the collaborate approach in the course. This alone will enhance the social side of their experience with coding, that is absent in self-learning. In a world where badges are won for the number of selfies and largeness of one’s social presence healthy live interaction is often dwarfed.

Nurturing healthy relationships in the learning environment grows each child’s confidence.


Success Stories:

My 8 yr old son absolutely loved the coding course! He never saw himself as a successful student, actually quite the opposite. It was a gamble to place him in this course, but one that paid off. Every day he told us enthusiastically what he had learnt – never had this happened before! I know that it is difficult to get support for the programme on this tiny island, please keep doing this. It was a change maker for our son.

My daughter at 6 had already shown interest in coding. This programme grabbed her interest and joy like nothing else we had seen. Seeing her present her part of the team project made us so proud. She wants to know when the next course is.

Success Stories from other Programmes

The tutor is patient and understanding. His explanations were thorough and he took time to answer questions, both verbally and with diagrams especially when I hit a learning plateau.

                             . . .



A heartfelt thank you for your ability to target multiple intelligence that has not only improved my son's intellect, but it has also made a positive and equally important impact on his emotional development. His new found positive mindset provided the necessary emotional grounding to successfully transition into the next phase of his education and successfully gained his seat at college.

      . . .


The breathing techniques he used at the start of the lesson helped my mindset and to focus on the task at hand. I have no hesitation in recommending LearningClubs.

          . . .


I had a meeting with my daughter's English teacher, and she said that she is jumping up a class in the new term. Her confidence has improved, and her English has improved tenfold. Now she is reading for an hour every night and is a different girl. We must thank you for supporting this improvement and finding the way to give her a boost. What change!