LearningClubs has 2 exciting programmes in 2021 to stimulate creative thinking and build confidence from beginner through intermediate computer programming. Basic coding - Scratch - developed by the smart people at M.I.T. plus Mechatronics where coding is mashed with electric circuitry for intermediate and advanced learners.

We will ease your child into object-oriented programming with Scratch (from the MIT Media Lab) where they will learn to create stories with basic animation. As they become more confident the course is scaled up to build additional functionality and complexity. If your child is familiar with Scratch they will be moved to more challenging levels.


Scratch Level 1 includes the following plus more depending on your child's ability.

Exploring the Scratch interface to do the following:

  • Use the toolbar

  • Master the ten function buttons

  • Understand the command blocks such as the if/then statement, repeat code and loops

  • Explore rotation settings

  • Use x, y coordinates to move the sprite

  • Create stories with animation

  • Exercise your brain with visual problems to solve and have lots of fun!

- - - - - - - - -

Scratch Projects

Includes a review of the above skills plus:

  • Storytelling through animation starting with creating a storyboard with either words or pictures

  • Developing and plugging in their own unique voice over

  • Use of multi-layered backgrounds

  • Use of next-level animation

More Details

Scratch Level 1 & Projects

Location: St Martin's Community Centre

Year 3 and above

Dates: View the 2021 Schedule

Tutor Student Ratio: 1 to 8 (student assistant with 6+)

Location: St Martin's Community Centre

Eligibility: This course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It offers a taste for real-world programming.

Minimum enrollment: 4 students

Cost: £199.00.00

Non-refundable deposit: £50 is required at the time of registration to guarantee a place for your child. This will be deducted from the programme cost.

* At the instructor's discretion, a student may be assigned to a class based on ability rather than age.

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Beginner to Intermediate


My 8 yr old son absolutely loved the coding course! He never saw himself as a successful student, actually quite the opposite. It was a gamble to place him in this course, but one that paid off. Every day he told us enthusiastically what he had learnt – never had this happened before! I know that it is difficult to get support for the programme on this tiny island, please keep doing this. It was a change maker for our son.


My daughter at 6 had already shown interest in coding. This programme grabbed her interest and joy like nothing else we had seen. Seeing her present her part of the team project made us so proud. She wants to know when the next course is.