Level 1

Build an Arcade Machine

Build an Arcade Machine! Using electronic components like LEDs, switches and servo motors, hooked up to the computer via an Arduino board, you’ll create a ping-pong ball game that can make sounds, count score and much more!


Bridging between visual programming (Scratch) and C++ coding for Arduino microcontrollers, this course is the perfect stepping stone to the exciting world of mechatronics.



I signed up my son to Scratch 1 and then Scratch 2. He thoroughly loved his time doing this. He is learning Scratch at school - by going on the course he has gained additional further knowledge. I hope learning club expands to do App coding in the future.......

Mechatronics: Level 1 - Arcade Machine

May 31-June 4          9.00-12.00

St Martin's Community Centre

Prerequisite: Mastery of Scratch

Cost: £230.00*

(Including Arduino Kit* to take home)

Eligibility: This course is suitable for intermediate learners who have Scratch or other programming experience. Candidates may be invited to an interview to determine their suitability.

Non-Refundable Deposit: £50 is required at the time of registration to guarantee a place for your child. This will be deducted from the programme cost.


Each student will be provided with their own Arduino kit*


* Two members from the same family registering for this course a 10% discount is applied.

Date: 2021 Schedule

Mechatronics Projects
Prerequisite: Mechatronics Level 1