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By learningclubs, Jun 14 2017 09:31PM

Learning Clubs Presents: The REAL Summer School 2017.

Summer Brain Drain is a phenomenon in which children lose skills learnt in the year of schooling prior to the Summer break. This phenomenon is nothing new, in fact a study conducted by White in 1906 recognised the issue and named it as the ‘Summer Slide.

With the Summer break nearly upon us, school children nationwide are currently counting down the weeks until their 6 week holiday. For many students, the time off is a very welcome and well-earned break, following a year of hard work.

But will some of this hard work go to waste? Is your child going to fall foul of ‘Summer Brain Drain’ this summer break?

They may have already done so in the past and if they have, they are not alone. A study conducted by students from the John Hopkins University in Baltimore found that around two-thirds of the gap between lower- and higher-income ninth grader’s education achievement levels could be attributed to skills and knowledge lost during Summer breaks from elementary school. Scary!

Why let even some of their hard work go to waste? Consider enrolling your child in LearningClubs' REAL Summer School.

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