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Reception Parents - tips for getting through this big change together...

By learningclubs, Oct 27 2017 07:51PM

Starting school can be just as big of a change for parents as it is for children.

Follow our tips for maths success whilst having fun and family time:

1. Practise counting together – you can do this anywhere: count toys, books or red cars you see when you go out.

2. Do a jigsaw together – a fun way to develop spatial awareness and matching skills.

3. Play card games – even a simple game of snap helps to develop number recognition.

4. Have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic: count out toys, place settings, and share out the cake.

5. Save cereal boxes and cardboard tubes for making models. Your child will think they’re making a castle; you’ll know they’re learning about shapes!

It is important for young children to practice their basic skills as much as possible. You can help your child by:

1. daily encouragement to read a book and practice mathematical skills (eg counting, times tables etc).

2. providing a suitable home environment for your child to undertake their homework and at a time when you can BOTH do this together,

3. attending parents' evenings - an important part of ensuring you are aware how your child is coping in primary school (It also plays a part in encouraging their positive attitude to learning).

LearningClubs encourage lively and creative thinking. Students learn by exploring, discovering and discussing.

How to help your child be a happy reader at home....

Always give your child as much praise as possible and say how much you enjoy listening to him/her read.

Practice with praise makes perfect.

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