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Little known facts about GCSE maths that you may not know.

By learningclubs, Apr 18 2018 10:40AM

Confused about GCSE Maths? You are not alone.

Whether it is the New (9-1) or the Old (A*-G) GCSE Maths, choosing either Foundation or Higher Tier GCSE Maths needs to be considered. Few understand the implications though.

The first misunderstanding is that you have only one chance to write the Higher Tier. This is simply not true. If the opportunity is no longer available at the student’s school, your local community college can provide it.

The second misunderstanding rests with the assumption that students have been ‘selected’ for the best exam for them. Over the years that I have been involved in interviewing and testing students, I know that some students perform best during classes but fall apart during exams. In some cases, the student’s confidence is shattered. Some students have struggled with Maths for most of their school life, but their school may only offer GCSE Higher Tier Maths. If the students have written a Year 10 mock GSCE Maths exam, for argument sake the GCSE Foundation Maths in January and in March their results are below a D (E, F, G etc) and they have been selected for the Higher Tier – something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be like this.

I often ask parents to contact the school and arrange for their child to write the GCSE Foundation Maths. This may take some lobbying on the parent’s part. Writing Foundation Maths and passing it provides the student with exam experience. If they attain a ‘C’, this result provides insurance if the student now wishes to take the Higher Tier and does poorly.

Yes, there are differences between the content and exam between the GCSE Foundaton and Higher tier. If you are interested in this subject, here is an article to provide you with further details. LINK

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