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Life after school? What are your plans? It’s never too young to explore.

By learningclubs, Jun 8 2017 12:19AM

In fact, the earlier you start thinking about your future, the better!

After speaking to a Year 8 student about their career aspirations, I was left astounded. The student was bright and motivated; he wanted to be a P.E teacher - great! What was worrying, however, was how he thought he could get there - simply by taking his GCSEs. Unfortunately, a career in teaching isn’t as easy as that to achieve, but how was this child to know without researching or being advised?

This boy is not alone in his naivety and lack of preparation for his future. Now, I have spoken to many more students who are ill prepared for the future and their parents are concerned. So I began to look into careers and job information that is out there and targeted at young people.

In comes Skills London 2017 (Nov 24th-25th), the biggest, most exciting and interactive job and career event aimed at young people.

We are encouraging, students and their parents to consider attending this exciting event.

Carol Railton from LearningClubs will provide a pre-event meet up to engage students how they can squeeze the most out of Skills London by being curious and organised.

Stay tuned for other posts as the lead up to the event.

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